The Institute for Family Psychology: Helping
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The Institute for Family Psychology was formed in 1983 to provide psychotherapy and education for individuals, couples, families, and groups seeking a better path toward mental wellness without the aid of prescribed medication. We help you and those you care about develop the mental tools to deal with negative internal and external influences and achieve a healthy, productive mindset. The institute also offers supervision for mental health clinicians and consultation to organizations, churches, and businesses.

Esalen July 26-31, 2015 Life at the Edge of Possibility for Transforming Heart, Mind, and Soul: Ericksonian Hypnosis Seminars Brain Change Therapy
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By the time we are adults, we live by a set of habitual behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions. These may have evolved from trauma, fearful experiences, or normal everyday worries. You will leave with a four-week program to continue your personal work.
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This groundbreaking book presents a cutting edge approach to the field of psychotherapy.  It incorporates the latest neuroscience research and demonstrates how readers can learn to regulate their state of mind to manage emotions and behaviors. Using integrative principles from hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, systems and attachment theories, therapists learn how to help their clients use resourceful mind states to reduce stress and achieve personal mastery.
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