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The Merlin Principles: Unleashing the Power of Deep Trance for Quantum Change by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.
Our Price: $27.95

Audio download covers cutting edge information about the power of the mind for healing emotional and body issues and uses the archetype of the magician to demonstrate what we can accomplish in deep trance states. Merlin harnessed the “the force,” knew the future, and had amazing access to information for decisions and personal growth. What he knew we can know in the 21st century.
Lasting Change Through Ericksonian Ego Strengthening by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D. and Bill Wade, LPC, LMFT
Our Price: $48.95

This downloadable audio series offers a new therapeutic approach for specifically increasing self-esteem from inner resources people already have within themselves. In order to accomplish any goal, an individual must access motivation, persistence, face fears, and make a commitment to a goal. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to accomplish all of this and more.
Ericksonian Trancework
Our Price: $48.95

This presentation is a live workshop by Bill and Carol and is an overview of a powerful approach to helping people make profound change. Bill and Carol show you how to easily accomplish inductions and to think strategically to help your clients move into solutions for everyday issues.
Change Anything for Good Audio Download
Our Price: $48.95

Many people struggle for years in pain to change bad habits or to accomplish life goals. This audio download, from Dr. Carol Kershaw, is based on her book, Brain Change Therapy: Clinical Interventions for Self Transformation that demonstrates how to make change without pain. Pain always comes from the oscillation between wanting to change and not wanting to change.
Quantum Self: Hypno-Bilateral Stimulation to Overcome Trauma and Achieve the Optimal Mind
List Price: $27.95
Our Price: $27.95

Explore your amazing abilities to tap into an amazing power to create a new reality for yourself. Quantum Self uses powerful hypnotic exercises along with bilateral music to both dissolve past trauma and open you to a new world of optimal thinking, feeling, and behaving.